Rise in Strength began in 2019 when sixty women from 18 nations came together in Amsterdam for a three-day consultation. 

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RISE celebrates the gifting, service and leadership of women in the Church across the globe. We mourn the injustices women continue to suffer and call on Christians to take steps to honour women’s leadership in family, church and community to increase the effective witness of the Gospel.

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RISE seeks to support women of all ages who are called to lead in international contexts in church, charities, business, professions, media, and theology.

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RISE wants to be strategic in assessing the state of the world’s women, prayerful in response, and active in supporting women who are bringing change.

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​RISE is an initiative of the World Evangelical Alliance and the Lausanne Movement.SEE what WEA and Lausanne Movement CEOs say about RISE and the Call.

RISE 21 was an online consultation. You can catch up with challenging ideas, amazing Bible reflections and action ideas HERE

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