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You can support Rise by using our resources designed especially to help you find the language to talk about equality and to be equipped with biblical understanding on healthy relationships between women and men, in ministry and in family.
You can join our regular prater times and contribute on facebook.
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pray with us

Nothing of value is achieved without prayer - prayers for breakthrough, prayers of comfort, prayers for justice, prayers for the nations. All from the perspective and heart of women.
Rise has a 60 minute prayer time every month.
If you want to be part of this powerful time, contact us.

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Rise is a network of volunteers, not an organisation.
We want to encourage women from all regions and backgrounds to be able to contribute to our consultations and we want to have a clear up-to-date online presence. If you want to help rise to be truly global, you can give: we appreciate any financial contribution.

As we are an informal network, we cannot offer tax deductibility.