The “Call to All Christians” came out of a desire to back the Lausanne statement on women in the Cape Town Commitment written nearly a decade ago.


Amanda Jackson, Director of the WEA Women’s Commission said, “If the Church says that women are only fit for certain roles, this can be very damaging. We want to acknowledge the pain when women’s voices are silenced, single women are ignored, or when the Church tolerates abuse. But we also want to be positive about what we can achieve when we work together using our gifts.”


The event was strengthened by the data gathered on women, about leadership and the key challenges facing women and girls. A survey of 500 women leaders leading up to ‘Rise in Strength’ highlighted that sexism in the Church and cultural obstacles to women in leadership are the major hurdles to women being able to follow their calling. The women in Amsterdam affirmed their willingness to serve God despite setbacks and to mentor the upcoming generation of women.


There was a strong sense among the participants in Amsterdam that a push for change in the Church is needed, so that everyone can benefit from women’s gifting and leadership in all sorts of spheres. So they decided to be themselves a voice calling for attention and action on key issues facing women and girls, expressed through the paper “Call to All Christians“.


The Call

It has been translated into 9 languages and we are adding more! Click below to download them.


Rise In Strength

Sixty women leaders from 18 nations gathered in Amsterdam June 2019 to celebrate the gifting, service and leadership of women in the Church across the globe. They mourned the injustices women suffer and called on Christians to take steps to honor women’s leadership in family, church and community. 

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